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Joanne will demonstrate the way in which your brow frames your face. She will discuss your desired result & how to achieve it. During the treatment there is no use of hot wax, strip wax or threading, just purely tweezing.

Allow 30 minutes for each session.


Initial Consultation & Shape $75 

Maintenance $60 

Brow appointments are available Tuesdays 9am - 7pm.

Need more definition in your brows? See Feather Tattooing.


"I prefer tweezing because it is the most precise and the least irritating form of epilation. I have always preferred and only ever tweezed. I believe it is the only way to achieve the softly diffused “feathered” look.

Waxing the skin around the eye area over time can cause diminished elasticity in the skin, and may lead to premature sagging. Waxing can also cause skin irritation or breakouts."



Booking a brow appointment? Available Tuesdays 9am-8pm.
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