A young woman with a passion to create new boundaries. Joanne has quickly become one of Sydney’s most recognised and leading makeup and brow artists, to women all over the world. 

Establishing her career in 2009, Joanne started working with a number of internationally recognised major makeup brands. During her early working years, her talent, unique style and creativity were quickly noticed by customers and higher management. Joanne soon became in high demand with a full client booking schedule. 

She realised the capacity of her talents, and decided that it was time to start the next stage of her journey with a business of her own. 

Now, Joanne offers makeup services for all occasions and exclusive events. She is also one of Sydney’s most sought-after brow specialists. Through her time earned skills, she has perfected the classic brow shaping technique. On the front-foot of trends and innovations in beauty, Joanne is also a micro-blade brow specialist. 

Her Instagram @joannebarakatmua has become a place for daily beauty and makeup inspiration. Her page boasts an impressive following, with the likes of many global celebrities reaching out. 

Her passion is to make any woman feel beautiful.

Joanne finds inspiration in life, love and the stories behind people.